Give Me Two Hours – and I Will Give You the Secret to Leading Change without Massive Headaches

Learn What Leaders at Lockheed Martin, Rohm&Haas, National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency, Shell, Nissan, Deloitte and Touche, The Brookings Institution, and Many Non-Profits, Government Agencies, and Healthcare Facilities Already Know About Leading Change Effectively


From: Rick Maurer

This may sound strange, but I think I know a lot about you. Subscribers to my newsletter, Tools for a Change, tell me a lot about what’s important to them when they are leading change. . . like what keeps them awake at night. . . what works well for them when they lead change – and what doesn’t.   
Here’s what I’ve learned:

1.  You know from experience that leading change in an organization can be really hard work. 

2.  You know that the risk of failing is very high - and that many things can go wrong at every stage.

3. You know – deep in your bones – that getting people to support you is essential to your success. And that ignoring the need for support is not an option. 

4. And you are looking for ways to meet your objectives while reducing the time and headaches that often accompany change.

But here is something you may not know. I believe you’ve got what it takes to lead change brilliantly. . . And I’m not blowing smoke. I really believe that.  . .  Here’s why. I read the ideas and questions you send me. You are part of a bright and intellectually curious group. And that counts for a lot in my book.

If you’ve give me a few minutes, I’d like to tell you about something that I think can transform your ability to get big things accomplished in organizations – and that’s the Change without Migraines™ Formula.

By the way, this is a very long letter. I guess I’ve got a lot to say. So if you really don’t want to read everything, you can skim and pick up major points. Or you can hit an “order now” button and cut right to the express checkout line.



Welcome message from Rick Maurer


Your techniques and methods were directly responsible for allowing me to successfully execute a significant, critical program that will have long-term financial impact on our corporation and our culture.
                                                            J.R. McGee
Formerly at Lockheed Martin, now head of the Lean/Six Sigma consulting firm:                                                                                                 


Great News: Leading Change Doesn’t Have to Be All That Difficult

Leading change is a skill that can be learned – and learned pretty quickly at that.

For instance, I spent a few hours with Bob Slaven, the general manager at a Syngenta plant, and his management team to help them begin planning a major change. After the meeting, he wrote to me and said:

“As you predicted, participants in the session were scattered around the clock face of the cycle of change.  While that experience gave us an indication of how to proceed with general plant population, we continue to validate the cycle of change.  We are also finding good value in revisiting the five areas you focused on for our change project.  Below is a recap of our progress against the focus areas: 1. Stakeholders recognize a compelling need for change, 2. The vision (or overall objective) for the project is clear and stakeholders know what it is, 3.  We have developed a tactical plan for the change that blends technical, financial and human considerations, and 4.  We have developed contingency plans to get the project back on track if that need should arise.”

I think the only things getting in the way for most people are a belief that they aren’t up to the challenge – and not knowing what to do.

I can‘t guarantee that you’ll change your beliefs about your skill, but I can tell you that many people have done just that once they learned the tools I use in my Change without Migraines™ approach.


But the Bad News Is -- Very Few Know How to Lead Change Well – and It Costs Them and Their Companies a Lot

You may already know that two-thirds of all major changes inside organizations fail. And those terrible numbers include changes like reengineering, quality improvement, new software systems like ERP, reorganizations, mergers, etc. I find that amount of failure staggering. Especially since it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s what happens a lot. The leaders see a big challenge. They get worried. They come up with a plan that they are sure will address the problem. So far, so good. But then they realize that they will need the support of many others for this to work.

No problem, they think. They decide to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and present their case and their plan throughout the organization. They work night and day perfecting this presentation. It is sharp looking. Lots of clip art, lots of graphs, and more bullet points than you can count.

Then they start making their presentations. About thirty slides into this show, some people tune out. Others get angrier and angrier. They mutter to themselves, “Why didn’t they ask us what we thought?” “Another flavor of the month.” “I wonder who’s hiring these days?”

And the change begins to encounter massive resistance before it ever even gets started.

The sad thing is that this level of fear, apathy, and confusion is entirely avoidable.

I’ll bet that a similar scene might be playing out inside your organization as you are reading this. It is a common problem – and like I say, it is avoidable.


Here’s What People Have to Say About the Change without Migraines™ Approach   

Bob Brinly, Plant Manager (ret.), Rohm & Haas

Danielle Milam, VP, Urban Libraries Council


“. . . your presentation had been useful and applicable during their regularly scheduled meetings the very next day.”
James Keenan, U.S. Dept of Education

“. . . Maurer alone was worth the price of admission”
Rene Wildermuth, Mercatus Center, George Mason University

“. . .the best education event for me personally since I joined YPO.”
Member, Toronto Young President’s Organization

“your tips and tactics on how to use resistance as a positive force and how to build commitment for change will be invaluable.”
Alan Desesnors, Canada Trust



From Real Frustration to Real Results

There was a time when I was young and arrogant and just assumed that if I came up with an idea other people would love it. Time and time again I was proven wrong. But I kept on doing the same dumb things over and over again. I kept pushing against this wall of resistance. And the harder I pushed, the stronger the wall got.

Then I started to notice that some people were getting their ideas accepted without ever even coming up against a wall. And that got me interested. What were they doing? And what happened to that wall?

The more I studied these people – I’m talking about managers, informal leaders, executives, consultants, teachers, parents, doctors, nurses, salespeople, you name it – the more I noticed that there were good reasons why they didn’t keep hitting that massive wall of resistance.

And I wanted to learn what they were doing. Because if I could figure that out, I could learn how to do it and teach others how to do it.

I watched people in meetings. I talked to successful leaders. I studied psychology and martial arts. And that all came together in my book, Beyond the Wall of Resistance.

That was eleven years ago. Since then I have been learning more and more about why people support change – and why they resist it. And that’s what I teach my clients – how to build support and how to avoid resistance. And I believe that is the key to the success of people who lead change well.  

I told my clients about these ideas. They tried them – and the ideas worked.

Then I noticed that people in my seminars and speeches were shifting their thinking right then and there. I recall a speech I gave to a professional organization in New Orleans. A woman I knew was seated near the front of the room. I said something about the biggest reason why people resisted change. And she gasped loudly. “OHHHH!” I said, “Nina, I hope you just learned something important and aren’t choking on your lunch.” Fortunately, she told all of us that she saw exactly why people had been resisting a change she was trying to lead.

After a speech I gave at a conference sponsored by Clemson University, Linda Pardo from Shell Off-Shore Drilling called my office asked if she could get one hundred of my cards. These were my business cards, but also had the cycle of change on it. My assistant, Sandy, said she’d be glad to send the cards to her, and then asked why she wanted them. Linda said, “Based on Rick’s presentation, we are going to completely revamp how we approach change management in our company.”

What Others Have to Say:

Geno Schnell, Consultant
Baltimore, MD


Lynda Poll, Consultant
Southern Pines, NC

Phil Landesberg

Bob Kline, Consultant
Silver Spring, MD

Dominque Bernardo, VP Quality Assurance
Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Philadelphia, PA


Will This Work for Me?

I hope so, but the Change without Migraines™ Formula isn’t for everyone. So please read the following carefully. Even though I offer a full money back guarantee, I don’t want you to be disappointed (and I’d prefer selling this program to people who really are hungry for it).

Please DO NOT purchase this program if you believe that you know all you need to know about leading change effectively. You’ve been there, done that. You attended a change management course or read a book and now you are all set. . . . Or, you are looking for a secret that will solve all of your change management problems without any effort on your part.

If any of those describe you, then please don’t buy the Change without Migraines™ Formula. I’m serious. I have a great relationship with my clients. And a primary reason for that is that I am picky. I only want to work with people where I think there will be a good fit. They’re happier and I’m happier.


How this Program Will Teach You to Lead Change Brilliantly

I developed the Change without Migraines™ Formula to give you the skills you need to lead change extremely well. And once you learn the reasons why people resist change – and why they support it – you will possess a skill that few others share.

You will know how to turn potential resistance into support

In fact, unless you are one of my clients or someone who has read and underlined my books, I think you’ll hear things you’ve never heard before.

You will increase your ability to. . .

  • Spot problems before they ever occur.
  • Anticipate the right thing to do.
  • See ways to make adjustments on the fly sort of like a martial artist who can
    adjust to changing circumstances instantly.
  • Be able to critique change management strategies and see immediately what’s missing – and what you can do to instantly turn a questionable plan into one
    that has the best chance of building support right from the beginning.


And learn:

  • The most important – and the most neglected -- step in the life of a change –
    and how to make sure that you address it correctly
  • The biggest mistakes people make when they plan and implement change –
    and how to avoid them
  • What sets apart successful leaders from those who go from project to project
    with a Las Vegas gambler’s hope that this time will be different
  • Why change can die even after you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars
    and spent months working on it – and how to avoid this common pitfall


Then I will share some tips that will allow you to apply my ideas immediately. I will give you practical tips and tools in plain English that you can begin to use today.


Introducing the Change without Migraines™ Formula, the Hands-on Practical Tool that Will Dramatically Improve the Way You Manage Change

Click above to hear what Rick has to say about his new program



The Change without Migraines™ Seminar is a two-hour audio program and a 60-plus page guidebook that leads through every step of a major change.

Here are titles of a few of the segments:

  • Why People Resist Change
  • The Secret of Resistance
  • The Stages of Change
  • Making a Compelling Case for Change
  • Getting Started on the Right Foot
  • Keeping Change Alive
  • How to Get Back on Track
  • Plus 14 additional tracks


You will receive this entire package electronically so that you can begin to listen and use the material today. . .

. . . or, if you prefer, I can send you the entire package on CDs and a hard copy of the guidebook. Of course, you will receive the electronic version of all the materials as well. It’s your choice.

In addition, you get some valuable bonuses. But more about those in a minute.


Why Would I Teach My “Secrets”?

If I were you, right now I’d be wondering, “What gives with this guy? Why would he want to give away what is at the core of his business?" And that is fair question. A couple of reasons.

Over the years, I have tried to find a way to provide a lower cost alternative to consulting, training, and speaking. Some clients just don’t have big budgets. New technologies (like my being able to record and edit everything while sitting at my computer versus going into a studio) made it possible for me to put a product together that I believe is sound and, I hope, affordable for anyone. And thanks to the Internet and the ability to do telephone seminars pretty inexpensively, I can offer a bit of a personal connection with you as well. It’s not like us talking together over lunch, but it’s not bad.

And there’s a selfish reason too. I am just plain tired of getting on a planes only to face long delays, crowded flights, hassles, cancellations. . . not to mention time away from home.  And I love to play music. I am a part-time jazz musician. I’m not great, but I’m not too bad either. Playing music is not a hobby, it is a passion. I love the challenge of trying to improvise something worth hearing on the spot. And I love getting to play with some top flight musicians. But to live this dream, I need to be in town more often to rehearse and play gigs.  

I still plan to travel to see clients and give speeches, but just not quite as much.

So there you have it.

Now’s Your Chance to Get This Program at a Greatly Reduced Price

Let me ask you, what’s it worth to get buy-in from key groups right from day one? So you don’t face massive fights and delays. In some organizations that could save you thousands of dollars. What’s it worth to pick up on warning signs that things are going off track before it’s too late? The difference between success and failure of major project could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But what if the only thing you got from this program was an ability to get a key stakeholder to say yes – instead of no – to your new idea? As the credit card ads say –it seems like that could be priceless.

In addition to all of the audios and the extensive guidebook, you will receive some exciting bonuses too. (At least I think they’re exciting, but then, I may be a bit biased!)

Bonus #1. Transcripts of all the audios

Some people prefer to read or to review by looking at words on paper. I know I like to listen to things in my car and also mark books up with questions, ideas, and plans. So you will receive a printed copy of every word. Value: $29.00

Bonus #2. Quick Tips for Leading Change

These are 7 quick audio reminders that can help you as you prepare to go into an important planning meeting or as you are about to meet with a key – but reluctant – stakeholder. I am quite excited about these one to three minute audios. In fact, I will probably turn these into a product sometime next year. But for now, you get these for free. Value: $29.00

Bonus #3. Exclusive Stakeholder Analysis Tool

Some of you already know my 5-5 Stakeholder Analysis tool. If so, you know it is practical and easy to use. Now I provide you with an MP3 file of detailed instructions on how to use this tool. And, of course, you will receive a copy of the 5-5 Stakeholder Analysis as well. I have never provided such detailed advice on how to use this practical tool before. Value: $49.00

Plus you’ll get a full six months to try out the Change without Migraines™ Formula without any risk. I think you’ll agree that this is a great guarantee. If you don’t like it – for any reason – just return it. And you can keep the $107.00 worth of bonuses. Why a six month guarantee? I want you to use the Change without Migraines™ Formula. I want you to have time to apply what you learn. Use the planning sheets that come in the guidebook. Feel free to mark up the book. You don’t need to return this in mint condition. In fact, as sad as it would be to learn that you didn’t find it useful, it would be sadder to get a program back that had never been used. But, either way, I will refund the full price that you paid.

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee

Money Back

You have six months to use the Change without Migraines™ Seminar. If you don’t like it for any reason, send it back and I will refund 100 percent of your purchase price. It’s that simple.


I’ve been told by people who advised me on the development of this program that the Change without Migraines™ Formula should sell for as much as $1000.00. (After all, my speaking fee to present the same material is many times that amount.) I will probably raise the price of the Change without Migraines™ Formula significantly in mid-2009. But for readers of my newsletter and past customers the price including the bonuses is $149 for the electronic version (that’s everything as MP3 downloads and PDF files.) If you’d like CDs and a hard copy of the guidebook that’s just $49 extra. A total price of $198.

I hope you are interested. If so, please click the ordering box below. Once you order, you will receive an e-mail that tells you how to download the MP3 files and how to access the PDF workbook and bonus book. In other words, you’ll be able to get started using the Change without Migraines™ Formula today. (If you order the CDs and hard copy of guidebook, we will get those in the mail to you right away.)

Still have questions? Not sure if this is right for you? Then give me a call or send me an e-mail. I’d be glad to talk with you.


Rick Maurer
703 525-7074 (my direct line)

P.S. Remember, you will get the complete overview of my approach to leading change in audio plus a detailed guidebook to help you through every step of a major change. I urge you to order today.

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