Introduction to Change without Migraines™

Thanks for your interest in the Change without Migraines™ approach. This free e-book will give you a thorough overview of my approach to leading change. I’ve been developing and using these ideas ever since I wrote Beyond the Wall of Resistance in 1996. If you’d like to know more about me you can click here.


Change without Migraines ebook


Click here to download this free e-book. And, if you like the book, feel free to pass the book itself or this link to friends.


The Open Source Project

If you’re really interested in leading change (or consulting to those who do), then I urge you to consider looking at the Change without Migraines Open Source Project. It is free as well.

The Open Source Project gives you the thinking and assumptions behind my approach. I expect that consultants and trainers will be most interested in this “underneath the hood” material. (But, I do know some leaders who love this stuff too.)

You’ll get five short videos, an outline for a change management training design, and a few PowerPoint slides that you can use in your own presentations. And I plan to keep adding to this free site.

My hope is that as you study the Change without Migraines™ approach more deeply, you’ll make it even stronger -- and find new places to apply this approach. A big part of my excitement in providing this “open source code” is to learn what you do with the material.

As people dig in and let me know what they’re developing, I can add things to this site so that we all can learn from each other.

To access the open source material, I simply ask for your first name and e-mail address so that I can let you know when I update this page with new free resources.


This project grew too big for just a web page! We've moved everything to a new member site. Please click here to sign up.


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Rick Maurer
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